Aertssen, your reliable partner

People, Power & Passion to build on

Aertssen, an organisation to build on – for more than 50 years now. Our secret is revealed by our slogan: People, Power & Passion to build on. Three valuable characteristics we would expertly like to offer you.

Count on professionals
Your construction project is as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, you demand top quality of all your partners. Aertssen has got it all: the dedication and skill of our people lift your project to new heights. That is our guarantee today and in the future.

Supported by the most modern machinery
Aertssen shows its skill by means of its extensive, state-of-the-art machinery, with more than 1,000 lorries, bulldozers, flatbeds, dumpers and cranes. Thanks to our own maintenance department they are always ready for service - no matter what job has to be done.


Rely on our passion
Have faith in our passion: infrastructure, hoisting or transport works? It is not just our job. It is our passion. Day in, day out, Aertssen is fully dedicated to your project. We always focus on the best solution for your specific wishes and needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Aertssen is fully committed to building the future. We do so by investing in our people, our environment and our customers.

Attention for our people
Our employees are the basis of our company and of your project. That is why we like to keep them motivated:
- We keep their know-how up-to-date with training and courses and we stimulate talents.
- Our health policy protects our employees against disease and work-related stress, from a flu jab to ergonomic advice.
- By means of tilting cabins, adjustable seats and automatic gearshifts we reduce the physical burden on our lorry drivers.

An eye for the environment
Aertssen thinks ‘green’. We do not just spare the environment, we also reduce our costs - as you will notice on the invoice. That is why we take specific, environmentally friendly steps:
- Our newest machines and company cars consume a minimum of fuel and reduce our polluting emissions.
- Aertssen focuses on transport by water to the greatest possible extent.
- By means of solar panels and a lighting system that adapts to daylight we save on energy. .

Focus op our customers
Together we are strong. That is why we involve our customers in the Aertssen family, by means of transparent, direct communication about our investments plans and vision for the future.


Aertssen Group Holding


Aertssen is a solid link in the network of holding company Aertssen Group. It supports its various operating companies not only with central services, but also aims at a wide range of private and public projects, such as:

Brownfield development
Old and worn? Nothing is further from the truth. Old industrial sites, abandoned shipyards or polluted sites still offer lots of possibilities. That is why Aertssen Group aims for remediation and regeneration. 

Producing renewable energy
Sustainable, inexhaustible and green. That is how energy should look according to Aertssen Group, and that is what it is dedicated to, in small and large-scale projects. For instance, Aertssen Group built the largest solar panel park in the Benelux, with no less than 55,000 solar panels.

Project development
Aertssen Group boasts commercial, industrial and residential real estate at excellent locations. We are specialised in both purchase and sale, and renting of real estate (sites)

Education, Training and Courses


The basis of our company - and therefore of your project - is provided by our staff. They will make the most of your project. No matter how complicated or large it may be.

Our training programmes? Your reassurance
The skilful, high-quality and reliable approach of our people makes the difference. Aertssen obviously refreshes these assets by means of training and courses at the Aertssen Training Center.

Thanks to our VCA safety training our clients can rest assured: our experts set to work with expertise and safety.

Are you deploying one of our crane operators? You can count on a well-trained individual; his intensive basic “crane operator” training is refreshed after one year and complemented with a training to get the TCVT crane operator licence. The training IS-001 “forklift truck”, IS-006 “securing critical loads”, and IS-005 “self-driving telescopic crane” are also included in the same training package.

We send our truck drivers on the road without worrying about them, because the refresher course “professional skill” keeps their knowledge up-to-date. Moreover, the Aertssen Training Centre is famous for the “driving and rest periods, analog and digital tachograph”, “load securing” and “aware and efficient on the road”, “waybill and European accident statement” and “initiation first aid for the transport sector” modules.

For your earthmoving works you rely on skilled workers who know what they are doing: via the practical “earthmoving operator” training we lift their driving, operating and excavating techniques to the highest level.


No matter how complicated or large a project may be, we always work professionally and safely. We strive to work according to the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, environment and health:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
VCA **
VCA Petrochemistry

Click here to download our certificates.

From past to now

The development of Aertssen


2015 // Mega contract during the Royal Mission to Qatar

GEM gained its first contract as a main contractor in Qatar. During the Royal Mission, headed by Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid, the contract was officially signed. The port of Hamad in Qatar, where production, logistics and trade are booming, will be extended by 3 km² of sites in the years ahead. It will be home to the Emiri marine base and an economic area. In addition, there will be room for housing and recreational facilities for 4,000 marines and staff.


2014 // Lifetime Achievement Award

The Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland and the province of Antwerp award the Lifetime Achievement Award to an exceptional company in Antwerp each year. In 2014 Construction Firm Aertssen was granted the Lifetime Achievement Award.


2008 // Move to new office buildings

In 2008 we moved to our new offices at 91 Laageind. The building has 2 floors where more than 130 operators work. In the garage at the back, Aertssen Services are working on the maintenance and repair of our machinery.


2005 // Aertssen across borders

In the last decade Aertssen has shown its skill beyond our national borders. The company Earth Moving Worldwide (EMW) was incorporated in Abu Dhabi with the aim to bring international earthmoving and hydraulic projects to a good end. In Qatar, Aertssen is also very successful thanks to its subsidiary Gulf Earthmoving Worldwide (GEM). And since the incorporation of Aertssen Machinery Services, Aertssen also operates in these regions with the rental of cranes.


2003 // Shipit, Smeyers and Roll-it

In 2003 Aertssen joins forces with a few partners. Together they set up 3 leading companies: Shipit, G. Smeyers en Roll-it. Multi-modular logistics, dewatering works and vertical transport are also part of the transport, construction and hoisting possibilities of Aertssen.


2000 // Subsidiary for Aannemingsbedrijf Aertssen

In 2000 Aertssen Terrassements was incorporated in Liège, a subsidiary of Aannemingsbedrijf Aertssen. Set up in the French-speaking part of Belgium, the subsidiary is focused on extraction of quarries, transport and construction projects in Wallonia.


1992 // Foundation of Antwerp Recycling Company

In 1992 Aertssen and Herbosch-Kiere founded the company Antwerp Recycling Company. ARC is dedicated to recycling of construction and demolition waste.


1980 // Foundation of Aertssen Transport and Aertssen Kranen

In the eighties sons Greg, Luc and Raf enter the company. They see market potential for transport and hoisting works and set up a separate entity for both activities: Aertssen Transport and Aertssen Kranen.

In the early years, Aertssen Transport mainly transports containers, but the company soon specialises in special transport: a service the company excels in! Aertssen Kranen becomes a specialist in this professional field and delivers top-rate hoisting works.


1976 // Aertssen expands

In 1976 Aertssen sets up the first branch in Zeebrugge.


1964 // Aertssen starts up

It all started with an agricultural company.
Marcel Aertssen grew up in Oorderen in a family of farmers. Since his childhood he had been fascinated by the mechanisation of tractors and threshers and this fascination meant the start of a successful future.

Foundation of ‘Grondwerken Marcel Aertssen’.
When at the end of the fifties the polder village Oorderen is to disappear for the expansion of the port of Antwerp, Marcel does not let it bring him down. He buys his first grab crane and sets up ‘Grondwerken Marcel Aertssen’. Together with his wife Maria Janssens he buys a field in Laageind in Stabroek, where they build their company together.