Corporate Social Responsibility

Aertssen is helping to make the world of tomorrow a better place. We do so by investing in our people, our environment and our customers. Sustainable entrepreneurship is part of our DNA. Our focus on human capital and the sustainable consumption of energy allows us to flexibly, purposefully and with respect for man and the environment respond to the needs of tomorrow.

Concern for our people
Our staff are the heartbeat of our company and your project. So, it is in both our interest to keep them motivated:
- Through training we ensure that know-how is maintained and talent is stimulated.
- Our health policy protects our staff against illness and work-related stress. This encompasses anything from the free flu vaccine to ergonomic advice.
- By means of tilting cabs, adjustable seats and automatic gearboxes we reduce the physical strain our truck drivers would otherwise be exposed to.

Regard for the environment
Aertssen thinks ‘green’. By doing so, we don’t simply spare the environment but also reduce our costs, which you will notice in our invoices.

For that reason, we purposefully take environmentally sound steps:
- Our latest machinery and company vehicles use a minimum of fuel and reduce our pollutant emissions.
- Wherever possible, Aertssen will opt for water transportation.
- Via solar panels and a smart lighting system that adapts itself to the changes in daylight intensity we save on energy.

Focus on our customers
Strong together. We consider our customers to be part of the Aertssen family and make a point of clearly and directly sharing our investment plans and vision for the future with them.



In March 2016, Aertssen had an energy audit (carbon footprint) performed by Zero Emission Solutions. The CO2 emissions of our electricity, gas, transport, water, etc. were mapped and divided between 3 scopes, in accordance with the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO).

View our energy report here: Energy report

CO2 performance ladder


The CO2 performance ladder is an instrument designed to encourage companies bidding for tenders to be aware of their CO2 emissions in their own business operations and in the performance of projects. This in particular relates to energy conservation, the efficient use of materials and the use of renewable energy.

Mainly used in the Netherlands, the CO2 performance ladder is a tool to encourage sustainability in tendering processes. But, also in our own country, similar initiatives have been launched.

The principle behind the ladder is that efforts are awarded. A higher score on the ladder results in a concrete advantage in the tendering process, in the form of a notional discount on the tender price.

The CO2 performance ladder distinguishes five levels of “maturity”. A company can reach a higher level by implementing improvements in its existing processes and through innovation in its technologies and methods.

The Aertssen Group is currently preparing its first audit. We will get back to you as soon as our level on the ladder has been determined.



Aertssen puts great store by transparent communication about its sustainability policy and consistently shares any information about its reduction policy and targets with internal and external stakeholders alike.


Voorblad newsflash 1

Aertssen recently charted its most significant energy flows and is assessing its energy consumption with a view to further improving its energy performance. Aertssen quantifies its energy objectives by an increase in efficiency of 7 % by 2025 in comparison to 2015.

All the measures we have introduced are described in the energy action plan. These measures will focus on:

  • Innovation to reduce the CO2 emissions of our machinery (general implementation of the EURO 6 Standard)
  • Reducing the CO2 impact of our company vehicles
  • Optimising the energy flows in our company buildings


AA - Project Gipsberg 1

The Shift
Aertssen is an active member of a number of sustainability networks. For one, we have been affiliated to The Shift, the gathering point for sustainability in Belgium, for a number of years.

Power to Gas
Furthermore, Aertssen is currently looking into the feasibility of using hydrogen. This is why we have joined the hydrogen cluster Power to Gas.

Solar park "Zonneberg"
Aertssen is co-owner of the largest solar park in the Benelux, the “Zonneberg” in Zelzate, where 55,000 solar panels generate green stream, supplying no less than 20,000 people with power.


2020-04 - AG schenking laptops-1

Aertssen Group donates laptops to schools in Kapellen

After the Easter holidays, students start online classes, but not every child has a computer at home. Therefore, Minister of Education Ben Weyts launched an appeal to provide students with a laptop. And of course Aertssen Group is happy to help!


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Mondmaskers AL-1

Aertssen Group donates 2,500 mouth masks to local healthcare providers

In these difficult times, we want to support caregivers in our communities. That is why Aertssen Group has donated 2,500 masks to nursing homes in Stabroek, Kieldrecht and the neighboring municipality of Kapellen.

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