Driven By Safety

Driven by Safety

As Aertssen believes that safety should become an intrinsic part of daily life, we have launched a new safety campaign.
Its objective? zero losses. Its mission? generating even greater safety awareness.

After all, safety is a state of mind. It’s everyone’s business and to everyone’s benefit. And we interpret that holistically: our staff also have people at home who love them and need their support. Hence, we impress on them that they’re not only obliged to work safely for themselves but also for their children, partner and parents, for their colleagues and their families, and for the loved ones of our clients and subcontractors. We want to see everyone get back home safe and sound.

Zero losses


Safety must become more than an obligation. It must become part of our psyche. Especially because we have set the bar high for ourselves: we are striving for zero losses. Because every workplace accident is one too many. They can and must be avoided. No injuries is the first - and main - objective

Zero losses also includes no material damage, no reputational damage and no financial losses - whether to employees and their families or to the employer.

Golden rules


How do we intend to put safety in the spotlight? We will be taking a range of initiatives, among which a poster campaign, to heighten our awareness.

Over a period of time, various posters will be displayed, tailored to the various safety themes - starring our crane driver Jan Van Looveren, who will be showing us a number of golden rules - ‘safety commands’, if you like.



Aertssen not only wants to inspire. It is also keen to reward.

Because safe and good practices merit our appreciation. So, at the moment we are working on a number of incentives. What might those be? Well, you’ll only have to wait and see!