Uw betrouwbare partner

Aertssen Engineering maakt deel uit van de Aertssen Groep. Wij zijn uw betrouwbare partner voor de engineering van al uw horizontale en verticale transportprojecten. Ons engineeringbedrijf biedt onze klanten al meer dan 25 jaar oplossingen op maat aan.

Ons team garandeert een professionele studie: met haar expertise, professionalisme en jarenlange ervaring verschaft Aertssen Engineering u een stappenplan voor een veilige en efficiënte uitvoering.


Aertssen_Icoon_HeavyLifting Heavy Lifting

15-4292-BP-Tailing-2 crop

Smart planning, based on knowledge and operational experience

Aertssen Engineering always offers its customers the best technical and smart solution for the implementation of any heavy lifting work:  a team of professionals utilizing high-tech 3D deisgn ensures the perfect preparation for your lifting project.

Our Engineering solutions:

  • 3D-engineering and visualisation for heavy  lifting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Optimising lifting and transport equipment positions for shutdowns
  • Calculation and specifications for rigging

Aertssen_Icoon_ExceptionalTransport Heavy Transport


Meticulous prestudy, safe transport

Aertssen Engineering determines the right method to transport equipment of any size. We provide the complete package, supported by technical specifications and calculations, which take into account the applicable rules and safety standards.

Aertssen_Icoon_MovementPositioning Equipment Installation

12-2897 - Sulzer manipulatie skid Total Feluy

It's all about preparation

The Aertssen Engineering team sets up a detailed roadmap based on 3D-modelling for complex skidding, jacking and manipulation operations: the precisely planned work guarantees a perfect execution and installation.

Aertssen_Icoon_AuxiliaryEquipment Auxiliary Equipment & Tools

15-4342-FEM transportcombi-TP-Rampion03

Your partner for custom designed equipment

With our team of specialists we have the expertise to design and produce innovative tooling and auxiliary equipment. This allows Aertssen Engineering to assure an efficient execution of all vertical and horizontal transport jobs.

Our Engineering solutions:

  • Design and calculation of custom made lifting tools
  • Engineering of supporting and transport frames
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Structural analysis (FEA)
  • CE-certification



New milestone: Aertssen Kranen achieves ISO45001

The Aertssen Group strives for a safe and healthy working environment. We are therefore very proud to announce that our crane division, Aertssen Kranen, has obtained ISO 45001; the international standard for safety and health management.

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2020-04 - AG schenking laptops-1

Aertssen Group donates laptops to schools in Kapellen

After the Easter holidays, students start online classes, but not every child has a computer at home. Therefore, Minister of Education Ben Weyts launched an appeal to provide students with a laptop. And of course Aertssen Group is happy to help!


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