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Aertssen invests in its people

Our employees are worth their weight in gold. That’s why, at Aertssen, we try to pamper them as much as possible - with training and safety and health campaigns, among other things.

A few examples? All of our drivers get retraining so that they will all be in possession of a certificate of professional competence by September 2016. By the way, we are currently still on track to meet this goal. Our training service also started a series of intensive trainings this winter, including ‘handling your construction equipment properly’, ‘driving time and resting time’, ‘securing loads’ and ‘digital tachograph’. We also launched a Stop Smoking campaign this year intended to encourage our employees - using flyers, flags and info stands - toward a healthier lifestyle.

And it doesn’t stop there, of course. Aertssen will also build further on the knowledge and welfare of its people in the future. Our training service has already submitted a request to the government in order to be able to offer more recognised trainings in the coming years.