Aertssen lowers its CO2 footprint

At Aertssen, we are well aware that our machines and vehicles emit CO2 and that they therefore have an impact on the environment. That’s why we pay attention to our ecological footprint. We want “working well, quickly and properly” to go hand-in-hand with “respect for mankind and the environment”.

In the context of corporate social responsibility and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), Aertssen, in cooperation with two senior bachelor students at the KU Leuven, have set up a research project to study the company’s ecological footprint.

How are we doing today?
The project started with a benchmark measurement. This makes our current CO2 emissions and the energy consumption of our utilities visible. Our equipment and machines, our special transport and even our employees’ cars… they all emit CO2. Fortunately, we are also fully committed to sustainable green energy: our solar panels at the Zonneberg facility in Zelzate generate enough green electricity for some 4000 families. Also on the roofs of our corporate buildings, there are multitudes of solar panels that provide us with sustainable energy.

And what will we do tomorrow?
The KU Leuven students surveyed how committed our employees feel to the entire environmental issue. Together with the measurement data, these answers form a basis for our CO2 and energy