Aertssen - Ford Genk

Demolition of former FORD plant at Genk

Aertssen and Aclagro are joining forces for a challenging project to demolish the C-zone of the former FORD plant at Genk.

The scope of work includes demolition of offices and other buildings plus installations such as the paintshop, power plant and switchgear. The work covers an area in excess of 50 hectares.

Demolition activities will generate different types of waste material such as 60.000 tons ferro, 4.000 tons non-ferro, 150 transformers,  80.000m³ concrete, 70.000 m³ soil, 8.000 tons insulation, 8.000m² asbestos flooring, asbestos cords and asbestos insulation.

This exciting project kicks off in June 2017 and completion is expected in June 2018.

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