Aertssen - AA - Grootste zandsculptuur in het Zwin

Largest sand sculpture ever in the Zwin

Zwin currently displays the world's largest sand sculpture. The artwork measures 40 by 40 meters and represents the logo of our group. We took pride in unveiling the logo during our family day on April 29, 2017.

This remarkable artwork shows our logo and was made for our new corporate film. This took place in the nature reserve Zwin, where we are currently expanding the nature area.

People, Power & Passion to build on
The artwork measures 40 by 40 meters and is more than three meters high. In total, about 6,000 cubic meters of sand was incorporated. We used many natural elements that were already present on site. For example, the logo is located in the future Zwingeul and is the core of Zwin's sea sand. The surface was covered with white sand from Mol and yellow sand from Walloon Brabant. Finally, mussel shells formed the slogan "People, Power & Passion to build on".

Family Day
The contours of the work were designed using GPS-controlled excavators and bulldozers. During the family day, children of our employees put the final touch on the work of art. Efforts will be made to keep the work intact until commissioning of the renewed, expanded Zwin nature reserve in 2019.