Multi lift with 14 mobile cranes

25/09/2016 - Last weekend Aertssen Kranen played a prominent role in the maintenance of a pipeline for a sludge processing plant. A complex and challenging task for which we deployed 14 mobile cranes.

Every so often a complete overhaul of the installation plant is necessary. This was the case for the pipeline of a sludge processing plant in the Port of Antwerp. In order to do so the pipeline had to be placed temporarily on the quay. A complex task for which SeReAnt counted on our craftsmanship and expertise.

Lifting the pipeline was not an easy task: in total we deployed 14 mobile cranes who executed the multi lift simultaneously. 8 supervisors were on standby to make sure the hoist went smoothly, safely and off course simultaneously. It must also be said, the safe coordination and expertise of our crane specialists guarantee professionally performed lifting. Another successful job to be proud of.