Remediation works at Lobroekdok

In the presence of Flemish Minister of Mobility Ben Weyts and Antwerp's municipal councillor of Mobility Koen Kennis, Aertssen started the remediation works of the Lobroekdok. These works are an important preparation for the construction of the Oosterweel connection.

In Lobroekdok we will remove 220,000 m³ of contaminated sludge in the coming year as well as 17 fully and partially submerged shipwrecks. We also remove all extraneous materials, such as dumped objects, from the dock.

Because the Lobroekdok is heavily polluted, works cannot be executed until the dock has been cleaned. By remediating the dock, the work for the Oosterweel tunnels can be done smoothly.

ATV released a report.