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The Aertssen movie stars

A few months ago, Aertssen got a call from Skyline Entertainment: they had seen the Ruston Bucyrus, Raf Aertssen’s oldest crane. The question: might they be able to use it for the latest FC De Kampioenen film?

No sooner said than done. And that’s how Raf and colleague Kjeld found themselves on 10 July on the De Kampioenen football pitch in Reet. Raf gave a crash course in crane-driving for Jacques Vermeiren, or ‘Dimitri De Tremmerie’ whilst Kjeld taught Sven De Ridder how to manoeuvre the bucket loader across the pitch. Since more skill was required for a few of the scenes, Raf and Kjeld acted as stand-ins for some of the more difficult jobs – in appropriate outfits, of course. Under the guidance of director Jan Verheyen, our men brought the filming to a successful conclusion, and with no more interruptions than necessary...

The film Jubilee Général is certainly a ‘two thumbs up’ for anyone who wants to see our champions!