The ESF invests in Aertssen Kranen

Our employees are worth their weight in gold. That is why at Aertssen we invest as much as possible in their future. Aertssen Kranen recently started another training project to help its employees grow.

With the "W.A.T.? Working Apart Together" project, we organize training courses to increase the workability and sustainability of teleworking. By doing so, we are trying to support our employees in the digital transformation.

Lifelong learning

How do we keep our employees' knowledge up to date? With training. We encourage lifelong learning and emphasize general skills and key competences. In particular, we focus on training that fits within the four clusters of 21st-century skills: digital literacy, collaboration, social & cultural skills and self-regulation.

Support from the ESF

Aertssen Kranen is investing no less than 160,000 euros and is counting on financial support from the European Social Fund (ESF) for half of it.