Foto 1-10-14

Aertssen Group strengthens its market position through the acquisition of ADM Team Heavy Weight

Aertssen Group has taken over the activities of the ADM Team Heavy Weight transport company from Westerlo. This acquisition strengthens our position in the exceptional transport sector, and promotes our further international expansion. Through the acquisition, we also benefits from a trimodal access location along the Albert Canal.

ADM Team Heavy Weight is a transport company with 20 years of experience in transporting loads with exceptional dimensions and weights. The company is strategically located in Westerlo, along the Albert Canal, one of the most important waterways in Flanders, and is contiguous to the heavy roll-on-roll-off quay, where goods can be transported trimodally (by road, water and rail). ADM Team Heavy Weight employs around 20 people and has an extremely modern and high-tech vehicle fleet.

Strategic acquisition

Through the acquisition, our group aims to make use of the strategic location of ADM Team Heavy Weight, close to the Albert Canal, to strengthen its market position. The extensive network of international customers also ensures that a further international expansion in exceptional transport is within reach. The acquisition thus fits in well with our growth plan.

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