Enrich your construction project

If required, Aertssen joins forces with specialist construction partners. Thus, our combined expertise enhances your construction project.



In 2007 Aertssen Kranen started up the joint venture Roll-it, using SPMTs (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters) to enable the horizontal movement of especially heavy and large loads: large storage tanks, bridge beams, entire industrial installations and even drilling platforms. The weights vary from several dozen to thousands of tons.



Shipit organises multi-modal transport. As external logistics manager, Shipit always devises the optimal way to transport goods, never ceasing to focus on alternative modes of transport such as inland waterways, railway and coastal shipping.


G. Smeyers

G. Smeyers operates in the construction industry and specialises in carrying out dewatering works. By applying certain dewatering techniques, ground water is pumped up from the soil so that later construction work can be carried out 'dry'.

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Antwerp Recycling Company

Recycling specialist that transforms construction and demolition waste into reusable rubble mixtures, concrete, sand concrete, screed and stackable building blocks.


Terranova Solar

Terranova Solar is the largest connected solar park in the Benelux, created on the heavily polluted Kuhlmann industrial sites in Zelzate. 55,000 solar panels provide green energy for more than 4,000 families.



Thanks to the Aertssen and Cordeel groups, a residential and SME zone has arisen on the sites of the old Boelwerf shipyard in Temse. More than 700 apartments and 200 single-family homes were constructed.