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A solid foundation is indispensable

As a contracting firm we know this like no other: a solid foundation is indispensable. That is why we rely on our many years of experience. From minor works in the remotest areas of Belgium to large projects abroad, you can always rely on our expertise for: earthmoving, sewage works and road construction, infrastructure works, environmental projects, mining of quarries, hydraulic works, demolition works, machine rental. Aertssen has the highest certification in Belgium (class 8) for most of these activities.

Up-to-date machinery
Our “Construction & Infra” department has 500 items of rolling stock, a large part of which is equipped with 3D machine control. Proof that Aertssen is constantly aiming for new methods to help you even better.

Strong expertise
You can certainly tell: Aertssen absolutely knows what it’s doing. We join more than 50 years of experience, high performance machinery and well-trained staff. This allows us to flawlessly complete even the most complex projects.



Infrastructure works result in a heap of excavated ground. Fortunately Aertssen knows what to do with it. You can rely on our experienced surveyors and their detailed plans and data for 3D machine control. This allows us to flawlessly complete even the most complex earthmoving works.

Focus on soil improvement
Are you faced with inferior soil that complicates your construction plans? By means of onsite interventions we lift the soil quality to a higher level, and by adding lime and cement we increase the strength and stability.

Partner in compacting works
You expect a solid and stable basis for your construction projects. And that is what you’ll get: with dynamic and static compacting and innovative techniques like vibrocompaction and high-energy impact compaction you are sure of a solid underground.

Road construction and sewage works


From the construction of motorways to paving and regeneration of railway lines in disuse: you can build on the craftsmanship of Aertssen.

According to your wishes and our promises.
Our skilled workers stand out due to their years of expertise, which they continuously improve, on and besides the building site. And our 3D machine control brings all work to a good end. It will assure you of flawless road and sewage works.

Hydraulic works


Works in and around water always require a specific approach and specialised equipment. Exactly what Aertssen has to offer.

Digging and dredging
Our grab cranes set to work both from the shore and from a pontoon. Underwater digging or bank protection are child’s play with our cranes equipped with 3D machine control. And with our own dredgers we also effortlessly complete dredging works in shallow waters.

Loading and unloading
We also feel at home on the quays. We use our own transport fleet and cranes to take care of your loading and unloading operations. Your bulk loads drift onto or from the vessel by means of our wheel loaders, conveyor belts and ramps. Always efficient and flawless. Are you arriving at the port? Rely on Aertssen: even there, we have our own unloading quays in many locations.

Environmental works


Work together for a sustainable environment. That is what Aertssen aims for. We are your best partner for a variety of environmental projects.

Remediation of polluted sites
Our skilled workers will excavate your site completely and take the polluted soil to a processing plant, and they will bring new, clean soil to your site.

Waste recycling
We give your soil, building or demolition waste a second life. Aertssen makes every endeavour to recycle to the maximum and to deal with the depleting raw materials in a more sustainable way.

Brownfield development
Remediation of polluted sites is a first step. Using them again is an important second step. That is why Aertssen, through Brownfield development, goes for an integral project approach: you do not only rely on our expertise for the remediation, but also for the reuse.

Not all waste can be recycled. That is why Aertssen also helps with the organisation of landfills and with the final covering. Our experts will carefully apply the sealing foil and sealing layers to make sure we are giving a reliable final destination to the waste.

Demolition works


No doubt about it: demolition requires just as much skill as construction. That is why you should rely on a solid partner like Aertssen. Our well-considered approach is your guarantee to safe, controlled demolitions.

From steel to brick.
For heavy demolitions we use, among other things, high reach cranes, sledgehammers, hydraulic crushers and cutters. Professional equipment we use to tackle steel constructions, buildings and installations.

Quarry mining


Throughout the years Aertssen has built up expertise in several domains. The mining of quarries is also among these activities. A job we have already done for several national and international quarries and mines. Worldwide we remove the upper soil layers, and mine and screen the underlying stone.

Infrastructure works


Aertssen feels at home in large sites. You will find us in the most diverse of building sites: for the construction of railway lines, building sound walls or excavating port docks. You always rely on our specialised dedication.

Machine rental


Do you need heavy-duty machines to cope with your construction job? You can call on Aertssen. We have extensive, modern machinery: more than 500 machines, most of them equipped with 3D machine control. The ideal powerhouse to shape your construction project.


New name for Aannemingsbedrijf Aertssen and Aertssen Terrassements

From June 1 Aannemingsbedrijf Aertssen and Aertssen Terrassements will continue their operations under the name Aertssen Infra. This new name strengthens the synergy between the divisions on both sides of the linguistic border. At the same time, Aertssen Infra is also extending its range of services.


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2020-04 - AG schenking laptops-1

Aertssen Group donates laptops to schools in Kapellen

After the Easter holidays, students start online classes, but not every child has a computer at home. Therefore, Minister of Education Ben Weyts launched an appeal to provide students with a laptop. And of course Aertssen Group is happy to help!


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Abu Dhabi: offshore construction projects for the oil and gas sectors


Logistical loading/unloading point for Caterpillar Distribution Services Europe


Spoor Oost on a new track


Aertssen assists with the expansion of the Hulhumale Island in the Maldives

Zonnepanelen 7-2

Gypsum depot transformed into fertile oasis

AA - Aertssen klaar voor een dubbel zo groot Zwin 2-2

120 extra hectares for the Zwin

AA - Noorderlijn - een blik achter de schermen 1-1

Noorderlijn - Een blik achter de schermen

Foto 1-2

Moving mountains for ZNA Cadix


Demolition work in Tertre


Aertssen ready for a double-sized Zwin


A look behind the scenes


Moving mountains for ZNA Cadix

Lobroekdok (1)-1

All things nice and tidy: remediation works at Lobroekdok

AW - Genappe (2)-5

Sedimentation basins make way for nature reserve

Bosuil (8)-1

Royal Antwerp Football Club scores with new grandstand

AA - Gasthuisberg Leuven (3)-1

Impressive building excavation for new Gasthuisberg car park


To the beach with EMW

nr 3-2

A new section of the E34


La Mer: a challenging project in Dubai


Big numbers at an underground site


The mercury is dropping rapidly in the centre of Lokeren


New Port Project


demolition of the old Gazet Van Antwerpen buildings


Enclosing the Koegorspolder waste disposal site


Railway expansion at Liefkenshoek near its completion


Completion of Grensmaas works


Ghost bridge demolition



Gulf Earth Moving WLL and Earth Moving Worldwide Ltd are based in Qatar and Abu Dhabi, where they are involved in large-scale earth-moving works and maritime projects. In the international arena as well, Aertssen is fully committed to People, Power and Passion to Build On.

Aertssen Terrassements


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Aannemingsbedrijf Aertssen

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Aertssen Terrassements

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Aannemingsbedrijf Aertssen    
Laageind 91
B-2940 Stabroek

T +32 (0)3 561 09 50
F +32(0)3 561 09 59
BE 0403 813 275

Aertssen Terrassements
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4480 Hermalle-sous-Huy

T +32(0)3 252 35 40
F +32(0)3 252 35 43


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