Factories in shutdown? Starting sign for Aertssen Kranen

Every company wants to be available for its customers 24/7. However, every so often a thorough overhaul of the installations is needed – so too for the machinery of (petro) chemical companies and refineries. Each year, the (petro) chemical factories in the Port of Antwerp stop their machinery for major maintenance, but each minute that the production line is idle, costs a substantial amount of money. So both speed and safety are essential, which just so happen to be the qualities in which Aertssen Kranen excels!


During the past months, Aertssen Kranen participated in shutdowns on various sites of Monsanto, ExxonMobil, Total, Ineos etc. During such shutdowns, the installations are almost completely dismantled, checked and cleaned. This is precision work that demands a high level of craftsmanship – which is exactly what we can provide.

As a preferred supplier at various sites in the Port of Antwerp, we are keen to help with the preparations for and implementation of these projects. We set up our cranes in pre-calculated positions, even where it simply looks impossible to do so. Our riggers and team leaders dismantle the components from the factory using manipulative equipment. As soon as everything is re-furbished, they know how to place the components in exactly the same position. Fast and safe execution is extremely important, as this maintenance period is kept as short as possible in order to minimise any loss of production, thereby maximising future revenues.

In the near future, Aertssen Kranen will once again be playing a prominent role in a number of important shutdowns. In September, Inovyn will stop production and in the spring of 2017, work will commence at the Borealis factory in Kallo, where we will facilitate its expansion by installing a cogeneration plant. In this way, our People and Power participate in building a better future.