Expert in Logistiek
U rekent op onze allesomvattende service:  Aertssen bewaart uw lading tot u ze op uw eindbestemming kunt ontvangen. Uw goederen vinden een veilig onderkomen in onze magazijnen in Antwerpen of Zeebrugge. Daarna vervoeren we ze verder via de nabijgelegen autostrades en spoorwegen, of over het water vanaf onze eigen kaaimuur.

Omringende service
Naast tijdelijke binnen- of buitenopslag helpt Aertssen u ook met: stuffen en strippen van containers en flattracks, verpakken en hermerken (packaging, lashing en securing), afhandeling van douanedocumenten, behandeling met kranen, reachstackers en vorkliften.

Technische ondersteuning
Bewaren we uw (land)bouwmachines? Dan rekent u op onze technische dienst voor extra ondersteuning. Wij staan in voor de controle van uw machines, installatie van onder meer booms, buckets, rippers, centrale smeringen etc. We nemen ook herstellingen, modificatie, assemblage of demontage, belettering en verven, reiniging en arrival & PDI-inspectie voor onze rekening. Altijd uitgevoerd door gekwalificeerd personeel en met het modernste materiaal.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Aertssen is fully committed to building the future. We do so by investing in our people, our environment and our customers.

Attention for our people
Our employees are the basis of our company and of your project. That is why we like to keep them motivated:
- We keep their know-how up-to-date with training and courses and we stimulate talents.
- Our health policy protects our employees against disease and work-related stress, from a flu jab to ergonomic advice.
- By means of tilting cabins, adjustable seats and automatic gearshifts we reduce the physical burden on our lorry drivers.

An eye for the environment
Aertssen thinks ‘green’. We do not just spare the environment, we also reduce our costs - as you will notice on the invoice. That is why we take specific, environmentally friendly steps:
- Our newest machines and company cars consume a minimum of fuel and reduce our polluting emissions.
- Aertssen focuses on transport by water to the greatest possible extent.
- By means of solar panels and a lighting system that adapts to daylight we save on energy. .

Focus op our customers
Together we are strong. That is why we involve our customers in the Aertssen family, by means of transparent, direct communication about our investments plans and vision for the future.




Infrastructure works result in a heap of excavated ground. Fortunately Aertssen knows what to do with it. You can rely on our experienced surveyors and their detailed plans and data for 3D machine control. This allows us to flawlessly complete even the most complex earthmoving works.

Focus on soil improvement
Are you faced with inferior soil that complicates your construction plans? By means of onsite interventions we lift the soil quality to a higher level, and by adding lime and cement we increase the strength and stability.

Partner in compacting works
You expect a solid and stable basis for your construction projects. And that is what you’ll get: with dynamic and static compacting and innovative techniques like vibrocompaction and high-energy impact compaction you are sure of a solid underground.

Road construction and sewage works


From the construction of motorways to paving and regeneration of railway lines in disuse: you can build on the craftsmanship of Aertssen.

According to your wishes and our promises.
Our skilled workers stand out due to their years of expertise, which they continuously improve, on and besides the building site. And our 3D machine control brings all work to a good end. It will assure you of flawless road and sewage works.

Hydraulic works


Works in and around water always require a specific approach and specialised equipment. Exactly what Aertssen has to offer.

Digging and dredging
Our grab cranes set to work both from the shore and from a pontoon. Underwater digging or bank protection are child’s play with our cranes equipped with 3D machine control. And with our own dredgers we also effortlessly complete dredging works in shallow waters.

Loading and unloading
We also feel at home on the quays. We use our own transport fleet and cranes to take care of your loading and unloading operations. Your bulk loads drift onto or from the vessel by means of our wheel loaders, conveyor belts and ramps. Always efficient and flawless. Are you arriving at the port? Rely on Aertssen: even there, we have our own unloading quays in many locations.

Environmental works


Work together for a sustainable environment. That is what Aertssen aims for. We are your best partner for a variety of environmental projects.

Remediation of polluted sites
Our skilled workers will excavate your site completely and take the polluted soil to a processing plant, and they will bring new, clean soil to your site.

Waste recycling
We give your soil, building or demolition waste a second life. Aertssen makes every endeavour to recycle to the maximum and to deal with the depleting raw materials in a more sustainable way.

Brownfield development
Remediation of polluted sites is a first step. Using them again is an important second step. That is why Aertssen, through Brownfield development, goes for an integral project approach: you do not only rely on our expertise for the remediation, but also for the reuse.

Not all waste can be recycled. That is why Aertssen also helps with the organisation of landfills and with the final covering. Our experts will carefully apply the sealing foil and sealing layers to make sure we are giving a reliable final destination to the waste.

Demolition works


No doubt about it: demolition requires just as much skill as construction. That is why you should rely on a solid partner like Aertssen. Our well-considered approach is your guarantee to safe, controlled demolitions.

From steel to brick.
For heavy demolitions we use, among other things, high reach cranes, sledgehammers, hydraulic crushers and cutters. Professional equipment we use to tackle steel constructions, buildings and installations.

Quarry mining


Throughout the years Aertssen has built up expertise in several domains. The mining of quarries is also among these activities. A job we have already done for several national and international quarries and mines. Worldwide we remove the upper soil layers, and mine and screen the underlying stone.

Infrastructure works


Aertssen feels at home in large sites. You will find us in the most diverse of building sites: for the construction of railway lines, building sound walls or excavating port docks. You always rely on our specialised dedication.

Machine rental


Do you need heavy-duty machines to cope with your construction job? You can call on Aertssen. We have extensive, modern machinery: more than 500 machines, most of them equipped with 3D machine control. The ideal powerhouse to shape your construction project.

Crane Rental


Need heavy-duty cranes for your construction project? The crane you need will undoubtedly be among the more than one hundred and fifty cranes in our range: telescopic cranes with a capacity of 40 to 700 tonnes, caterpillar cranes to handle weights between 50 and 600 tonnes and mobile tower cranes with a mast length of 40 to 60 metres.

Help to choose
With the right material you ensure a quick and smooth hoisting or assembly job. Seek the advice of our expert technical team. They will help you in the search for the right crane.

Please send an e-mail to sales.AK@aertssen.be for further information.

Manipulation of machines and heavy loads


We don’t have to tell you that heavy machinery cannot be lifted just like that. Although it may sometimes be necessary, for example when you welcome new machinery into your company, or when you want to move certain machines to another department. And when that is the case, Aertssen will be glad to help you.

Smooth and safe
The secret to successfully moving your machines and heavy loads? Aertssen is in the know: it’s the combination of extreme precision and the right equipment. Exactly what we offer you.

Multidisciplinary approach


Aertssen does not only look towards the sky. We are more than able to cope with horizontal transport as well. Impossible is not in our vocabulary.

For every transport job
Aertssen relies on 3D visualisations, well-trained specialists and high-rate resources. For difficult, horizontal transports we rely on SPMTs (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters). When traditional lorries are insufficient, they make it happen with their modular structure and extreme manoeuvrability.

Shutdown Management


Shutdowns and turnarounds sometimes require a considerable amount of lifting and transport activities in a short time frame and on a restricted surface area.

Furthermore, the situation requires extensive discussions and communication between all the parties involved. With such operations, literally every minute counts, because the factory has to be up and running again as soon as possible, without losing sight of safety aspects. Aertssen is happy to take on this coordination, so that you can look back on the completed downtimes with satisfaction and be confident about the next one.

Project Management

At Aertssen we will be pleased to get our hands dirty for you. The manpower, time and knowledge you are lacking to do your hoisting job flawlessly and smoothly, we have it. You rely on the 3D plans of our experts to prepare your project into the smallest details. This will ensure that the realisation will be flawless.

Exceptional and multimodal transport


Oversize? That is exactly within our field of expertise. Aertssen Transport is not afraid of oversized goods. To the contrary: our expertise and modern fleet make us the best logistic partner for large project loads, construction and agricultural machinery.

Exceptional and multimodal
Exceptional transport is the main activity of Aertssen transport, and you can also trust us with your bulk and project loads, obviously. They will always reach their final destination: we follow a carefully planned route by rail, sea, inland shipping or road.

Well-prepared experts
Aertssen Transport is your transport expert home and abroad. Our specialists give advice from start to finish: they carefully explore the route, ensure the required transport permits and guarantee flawless handling of your transport requirements.


In a globalising world Aertssen is an indispensable partner: we also transport easily outside the European borders. With the support of several marine vessels which dock in Antwerp and Zeebrugge. From there, all continents can easily be reached. The ideal location to build up a strategic stock, as a matter of fact.

International total service
Upon arrival you can also rely on the logistic support of Aertssen:
- We check if your load is complete and inspect for damage.
- We take care of the customs formalities and administrative handling.
- We take care of storage, if necessary, and in the meantime take care of the assembly, modification or packaging.
- We also take care of further shipping by road, rail or canal, or we make arrangements for air transport for urgent shipments.

Project management

Aertssen is at your side during the entire logistics process - from departure to installation.

Our experts can be used for: multimodal and special transports; hoisting works, stevedoring, route exploration, assistance & removal of street furniture and engineering & 3D simulations. In short, during your entire project you can rely on quality and expertise.


Aertssen stores your cargo until it can be received at the final destination. Your goods are stored safely in our warehouses in Antwerp or Zeebrugge. Then they are transported via the local motorways or railways, or by water departing from our own quay.

Surrounding service
Besides temporary indoor or outdoor storage Aertssen also helps you with:
- stuffing and stripping containers and flatracks
- packaging and relabelling (packaging, lashing and securing)
- handling customs documents
- interventions with cranes, reach stackers and forklifts

Technical support
Storage of agricultural machinery? You can rely on our technical department for extra support:
- inspection of your machines
- installation of booms, buckets, rippers, central lubrication, etc.
- making the necessary repairs
- modification, assembly or disassembly
- lettering and painting
- cleaning
- arrival & PDI inspection

Always carried out by qualified personnel and with the most advanced equipment.



Aertssen_Icoon_HeavyLifting Heavy Lifting

15-4292-BP-Tailing-2 crop

Smart planning, based on knowledge and operational experience

Aertssen Engineering always offers its customers the best technical and smart solution for the implementation of any heavy lifting work:  a team of professionals utilizing high-tech 3D deisgn ensures the perfect preparation for your lifting project.

Our Engineering solutions:

  • 3D-engineering and visualisation for heavy  lifting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Optimising lifting and transport equipment positions for shutdowns
  • Calculation and specifications for rigging

Aertssen_Icoon_ExceptionalTransport Heavy Transport


Meticulous prestudy, safe transport

Aertssen Engineering determines the right method to transport equipment of any size. We provide the complete package, supported by technical specifications and calculations, which take into account the applicable rules and safety standards.

Aertssen_Icoon_MovementPositioning Equipment Installation

12-2897 - Sulzer manipulatie skid Total Feluy

It's all about preparation

The Aertssen Engineering team sets up a detailed roadmap based on 3D-modelling for complex skidding, jacking and manipulation operations: the precisely planned work guarantees a perfect execution and installation.

Aertssen_Icoon_AuxiliaryEquipment Auxiliary Equipment & Tools

15-4342-FEM transportcombi-TP-Rampion03

Your partner for custom designed equipment

With our team of specialists we have the expertise to design and produce innovative tooling and auxiliary equipment. This allows Aertssen Engineering to assure an efficient execution of all vertical and horizontal transport jobs.

Our Engineering solutions:

  • Design and calculation of custom made lifting tools
  • Engineering of supporting and transport frames
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Structural analysis (FEA)
  • CE-certification



In March 2016, Aertssen had an energy audit (carbon footprint) performed by Zero Emission Solutions. The CO2 emissions of our electricity, gas, transport, water, etc. were mapped and divided between 3 scopes, in accordance with the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO).

View our energy report here: Energy report

CO2 performance ladder


The CO2 performance ladder is an instrument designed to encourage companies bidding for tenders to be aware of their CO2 emissions in their own business operations and in the performance of projects. This in particular relates to energy conservation, the efficient use of materials and the use of renewable energy.

Mainly used in the Netherlands, the CO2 performance ladder is a tool to encourage sustainability in tendering processes. But, also in our own country, similar initiatives have been launched.

The principle behind the ladder is that efforts are awarded. A higher score on the ladder results in a concrete advantage in the tendering process, in the form of a notional discount on the tender price.

The CO2 performance ladder distinguishes five levels of “maturity”. A company can reach a higher level by implementing improvements in its existing processes and through innovation in its technologies and methods.

The Aertssen Group is currently preparing its first audit. We will get back to you as soon as our level on the ladder has been determined.

Zero losses


Safety must become more than an obligation. It must become part of our psyche. Especially because we have set the bar high for ourselves: we are striving for zero losses. Because every workplace accident is one too many. They can and must be avoided. No injuries is the first - and main - objective

Zero losses also includes no material damage, no reputational damage and no financial losses - whether to employees and their families or to the employer.

Golden rules


How do we intend to put safety in the spotlight? We will be taking a range of initiatives, among which a poster campaign, to heighten our awareness.

Over a period of time, various posters will be displayed, tailored to the various safety themes - starring our crane driver Jan Van Looveren, who will be showing us a number of golden rules - ‘safety commands’, if you like.



Aertssen not only wants to inspire. It is also keen to reward.

Because safe and good practices merit our appreciation. So, at the moment we are working on a number of incentives. What might those be? Well, you’ll only have to wait and see!

Transport of boats and yachts


Aertssen Transport is an expert in the field of exceptional transport. This ranges from windmill parts, project loads to agricultural machines and of course also boats and (sailing) yachts.

Whether your boat or (sailing) yacht needs to be transported to a sunny destination or its mooring port, you want to take on a reliable carrier who takes care of business.

Entrust your entire project to our team of professionals: they not only take care of the transport but offer many other services for a complete unburdening, such as loading and unloading as well as your permits. We ensure that your precious cargo arrives safely at its desired destination and all this according to the agreed schedule.

More information? Send us an e-mail (sales.at@aertssen.be)

Aertssen Group Holding


Aertssen is a solid link in the network of holding company Aertssen Group. It supports its various operating companies not only with central services, but also aims at a wide range of private and public projects, such as:

Brownfield development
Old and worn? Nothing is further from the truth. Old industrial sites, abandoned shipyards or polluted sites still offer lots of possibilities. That is why Aertssen Group aims for remediation and regeneration. 

Producing renewable energy
Sustainable, inexhaustible and green. That is how energy should look according to Aertssen Group, and that is what it is dedicated to, in small and large-scale projects. For instance, Aertssen Group built the largest solar panel park in the Benelux, with no less than 55,000 solar panels.

Project development
Aertssen Group boasts commercial, industrial and residential real estate at excellent locations. We are specialised in both purchase and sale, and renting of real estate (sites)

Education, Training and Courses


The basis of our company - and therefore of your project - is provided by our staff. They will make the most of your project. No matter how complicated or large it may be.

Our training programmes? Your reassurance
The skilful, high-quality and reliable approach of our people makes the difference. Aertssen obviously refreshes these assets by means of training and courses at the Aertssen Training Center.

Thanks to our VCA safety training our clients can rest assured: our experts set to work with expertise and safety.

Are you deploying one of our crane operators? You can count on a well-trained individual; his intensive basic “crane operator” training is refreshed after one year and complemented with a training to get the TCVT crane operator licence. The training IS-001 “forklift truck”, IS-006 “securing critical loads”, and IS-005 “self-driving telescopic crane” are also included in the same training package.

We send our truck drivers on the road without worrying about them, because the refresher course “professional skill” keeps their knowledge up-to-date. Moreover, the Aertssen Training Centre is famous for the “driving and rest periods, analog and digital tachograph”, “load securing” and “aware and efficient on the road”, “waybill and European accident statement” and “initiation first aid for the transport sector” modules.

For your earthmoving works you rely on skilled workers who know what they are doing: via the practical “earthmoving operator” training we lift their driving, operating and excavating techniques to the highest level.



Aertssen puts great store by transparent communication about its sustainability policy and consistently shares any information about its reduction policy and targets with internal and external stakeholders alike.


Voorblad newsflash 1

Aertssen recently charted its most significant energy flows and is assessing its energy consumption with a view to further improving its energy performance. Aertssen quantifies its energy objectives by an increase in efficiency of 7 % by 2025 in comparison to 2015.

All the measures we have introduced are described in the energy action plan. These measures will focus on:

  • Innovation to reduce the CO2 emissions of our machinery (general implementation of the EURO 6 Standard)
  • Reducing the CO2 impact of our company vehicles
  • Optimising the energy flows in our company buildings


No matter how complicated or large a project may be, we always work professionally and safely. We strive to work according to the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, environment and health:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
VCA **
VCA Petrochemistry

Click here to download our certificates.


AA - Project Gipsberg 1

The Shift
Aertssen is an active member of a number of sustainability networks. For one, we have been affiliated to The Shift, the gathering point for sustainability in Belgium, for a number of years.

Power to Gas
Furthermore, Aertssen is currently looking into the feasibility of using hydrogen. This is why we have joined the hydrogen cluster Power to Gas.

Solar park "Zonneberg"
Aertssen is co-owner of the largest solar park in the Benelux, the “Zonneberg” in Zelzate, where 55,000 solar panels generate green stream, supplying no less than 20,000 people with power.


2020-04 - AG schenking laptops-1

Aertssen Group donates laptops to schools in Kapellen

After the Easter holidays, students start online classes, but not every child has a computer at home. Therefore, Minister of Education Ben Weyts launched an appeal to provide students with a laptop. And of course Aertssen Group is happy to help!


Read more
Mondmaskers AL-1

Aertssen Group donates 2,500 mouth masks to local healthcare providers

In these difficult times, we want to support caregivers in our communities. That is why Aertssen Group has donated 2,500 masks to nursing homes in Stabroek, Kieldrecht and the neighboring municipality of Kapellen.

Read more


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