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Expert in exceptionnal transport

Are you counting on Aertssen for your transport? Our comprehensive service will astound you: it is not just about flawless transport to your national or international destination. You also count on our expertise for advice, licenses, storage and modification. Our specialty: transport of goods with oversized dimensions. We know what we are doing and have a great eye for detail. Leave the most difficult jobs to our transport specialists. No worries.

More than just transport
Aertssen will accommodate your loads when they cannot be delivered at their final destination. But we do more than store your goods. You can also rely on our expertise if adjustments, revisions or cleaning actions are required in the meantime.

Exceptional and multimodal transport


Oversize? That is exactly within our field of expertise. Aertssen Transport is not afraid of oversized goods. To the contrary: our expertise and modern fleet make us the best logistic partner for large project loads, construction and agricultural machinery.

Exceptional and multimodal
Exceptional transport is the main activity of Aertssen transport, and you can also trust us with your bulk and project loads, obviously. They will always reach their final destination: we follow a carefully planned route by rail, sea, inland shipping or road.

Well-prepared experts
Aertssen Transport is your transport expert home and abroad. Our specialists give advice from start to finish: they carefully explore the route, ensure the required transport permits and guarantee flawless handling of your transport requirements.


In a globalising world Aertssen is an indispensable partner: we also transport easily outside the European borders. With the support of several marine vessels which dock in Antwerp and Zeebrugge. From there, all continents can easily be reached. The ideal location to build up a strategic stock, as a matter of fact.

International total service
Upon arrival you can also rely on the logistic support of Aertssen:
- We check if your load is complete and inspect for damage.
- We take care of the customs formalities and administrative handling.
- We take care of storage, if necessary, and in the meantime take care of the assembly, modification or packaging.
- We also take care of further shipping by road, rail or canal, or we make arrangements for air transport for urgent shipments.

Project management

Aertssen is at your side during the entire logistics process - from departure to installation.

Our experts can be used for: multimodal and special transports; hoisting works, stevedoring, route exploration, assistance & removal of street furniture and engineering & 3D simulations. In short, during your entire project you can rely on quality and expertise.


Aertssen stores your cargo until it can be received at the final destination. Your goods are stored safely in our warehouses in Antwerp or Zeebrugge. Then they are transported via the local motorways or railways, or by water departing from our own quay.

Surrounding service
Besides temporary indoor or outdoor storage Aertssen also helps you with:
- stuffing and stripping containers and flatracks
- packaging and relabelling (packaging, lashing and securing)
- handling customs documents
- interventions with cranes, reach stackers and forklifts

Technical support
Storage of agricultural machinery? You can rely on our technical department for extra support:
- inspection of your machines
- installation of booms, buckets, rippers, central lubrication, etc.
- making the necessary repairs
- modification, assembly or disassembly
- lettering and painting
- cleaning
- arrival & PDI inspection

Always carried out by qualified personnel and with the most advanced equipment.




Aannemingsbedrijf Aertssen E34 © Johan Deckers  (79)

New Trading branch

Aertssen Group recently acquired a new branch Aertssen Trading! Aertssen Trading will purchase and sell heavy machinery.

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First pile for our new distribution center

Our logistics department will have a new head office. After months of intensive earth  moving, the official start of the construction was yesterday with the first pile. Sam Aertssen opened the ceremony and we proudly raised our glass.

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Aertssen Transport is at your service to transport goods of exceptional dimensions in the Middle East.


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