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Aertssen Group Skidding Jacking

Jacking & Skidding

When it is not possible to move a heavy load with a crane or SPMTs, you can count on Aertssen’s jacking and skidding systems. We use hydraulic jacks to lift your load, while skids enable horizontal movements. Whether it concerns elements of a bridge or a new tank or machine in your factory: Aertssen has the material, people and expertise in-house to place the load exactly where you want it.


Aertssen has hydraulic jacks to move your loads vertically. Configurations for up to 4 jacks are possible. Each jack has a capacity of no less than 150 ton and a lift height of 150 mm. In this way they lift or lower your load step by step.

Aertssen Group Kranen Jacking SPMT


Aertssen's hydraulic skidding systems push or pull your loads along a horizontal skidding track. To the exact position where they should be.

Skidding Aertssen Group