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Aertssen Group Safety


Everybody back at home safe

Our colleagues’ safety and their wellbeing are our top priorities. Anywhere in the world. Employees, subcontractors, suppliers… they all have family, friends and colleagues who want to see them return home safe and sound after a day at work. That’s why we go all the way to create a work environment in which risks are minimised to the maximum. Our aim? 0 accidents, 24/7, 365 days per year.

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Limit risks

We know we will never be able to fully control all risks. Our work on many occasions takes place in very challenging circumstances and the size of the projects, together with the odds of human mistakes, make it almost inevitable incidents do occur. However, we do all we can to minimise dangerous situations at work, for instance by in-depth risk analysis, specialised training programs and clear instructions and procedures. We also organise internal audits on a regular basis and ensure adequate follow-up of the findings. In case an incident does occur, we make sure we use the learnings to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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Driven by Safety

The Driven by Safety campaign aims to raise even more awareness of the importance of safety, since everyone carries responsibility, for everyone. The goal of the campaign is to attain zero losses: no bodily harm, first and foremost, but also no material loss, reputational damage or financial consequences – not for our employees and their family, not for Aertssen.

The campaign entails posters sharing a handful of golden rules for safety. These are accompanied by a Driven by Safety app for all employees, subcontractors and partners, containing tips and news on safety, instructions and the possibility to instantly send a notification in case of unsafe situations.

Driven By Safety

ISO 45001

Our international divisions are ISO 45001 certified, the international standard for health and safety at work. Aertssen Cranes obtained the certificate in 2020. Aertssen Transport & Logistics have been certified since March 2023.

ISO 45001

Road safety

Traffic is becoming increasingly busy and more dangerous, hence why we closely monitor the latest developments regarding road safety.

Our trucks are equipped with a collision avoidance system and driving monitoring, as well as a system to avoid distraction. This has to help drivers not to give in to the temptation of using their smartphone.

We also organise extra training for drivers on a continuous basis in our own Training Centre. We have a mirror adjustment station as well as a truckwash, and partner up for awareness campaigns for a wider audience.

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