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Asbestos Removal

During work on old buildings or demolition, asbestos fibres can be released, resulting in enormous health risks. That is why you need a specialised partner to safely remove asbestos. Aertssen Infra has been a recognised asbestos remover since 2018. Count on our experts to remove asbestos using the right techniques and suitable protective measures.

The suitable techniques to remove asbestos

Every situation needs a different approach. We always work carefully and determine the correct technique:

  • Asbestos removal with simple actions
  • Asbestos removal using the incubator bag technique
  • Asbestos removal in a hermetically sealed zone
Aertssen Group Asbestverwijdering

Total solutions for demolition works

Do steel structures, buildings or installations also have to be demolished? Aertssen Infra’s demolition and asbestos experts provide a comprehensive solution, including recycling and processing of the construction and demolition waste.

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