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Shutdowns Antwerp Borealis

Shutdown Management

A shutdown of your factory often involves a lot of lifting and transport work. Quite a challenge, because you have tight deadlines and want to be operational again as soon as possible. The workspace is often also a challenge. Luckily you can count on Aertssen for a flawless coordination and safe execution. This way you can look back on your shutdown with satisfaction and look forward to the next one with confidence.

Shutdowns in the (petro)chemical industry

Several major players in the (petro)chemical industry around Antwerp have been relying on Aertssen Cranes for years to manage their shutdowns. With dozens of shutdowns performed every year, Aertssen has the necessary expertise in this field. In order to prepare and coordinate the lifting and manipulation activities for these shutdowns, we draw up lifting plans, project plans, installation plans, lifting schedules and other required documents in consultation with you and your contractors. During the shutdown itself, our team monitors the activities on site. This way, your factory is ready for production again quickly and within the set deadline.

Aertssen Kranen Shutdown Management SPMT

Safe and proactive approach

Our employees have the necessary certificates and are trained continuously. You will encounter them during daily maintenance work, project construction and/or large-scale turnarounds. Shutdowns require a proactive approach, as the lifting and transport activities take place simultaneously in a complex and often tight environment with very high safety requirements. That is why riggers and brigadiers support our operators in securing the loads and carrying out complex manipulations.

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