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Level 4 of CO2 performance ladder for Aertssen Group

On 22 August 2022, Aertssen Group was awarded a certificate for CO2 performance ladder level 4, the highest level but one. This confirms our ambition to reduce our CO2 emissions and limit our overall impact on the climate as far as possible.

Sustainable vision

As a family company, we have a role to play in society and we act responsibly. Aertssen Group’s various business activities offer high-quality solutions to strengthen infrastructure and respond to all social and environmental challenges. Our ambition is to evolve towards climate-neutral operations.

CO2 performance ladder

The CO2 performance ladder is a CO2 management system consisting of five levels. Up to and including level 3, organisations work on reducing their own emissions. From level 4 upwards, the focus is on the CO2 emissions of the entire chain, including suppliers, subcontractors and partners.

Aertssen Group was awarded level 3 for its efforts back in May 2022. We aim to achieve the highest level in 2025.